Welcome to the Ladies League 2022

Schedule: The way the schedule will work, is the regular season will last 10 weeks. With 6 teams in the flights, you will get a chance to play each team in your flight twice during the regular season. The schedule is pre-built in Golf Genius so you will know when you are playing each team in your flights once I release the pairings to GG. 


Format: As a reminder, we are playing 2v2 best ball, net match play. Each match is worth up to 9 points and the teams that make it into the playoffs will be based on how many total points your team earns over the course of the 10 week regular season. We are still working out how many teams will make the playoffs and what the process of making the playoffs will be, but we will have more information on that very soon! If you need a more detailed explanation of the format, please find me prior to tomorrow's round. 


Subs: Since we have an odd number of teams, if we could get two subs to commit to playing in the league, that would be awesome! But I understand if that's not possible. Each week the subs that show up will be paired together to play a round outside of the league matches. If a team needs a sub, then we may ask you to fill in for that week.


Action: We will be running weekly Pro Shop action that will cost $10/team each week. This is totally optional but can be a fun way to earn money that you can spend in the Pro Shop as the season goes along. Our format for tomorrow will be team best ball (gross and net), as well as most fairways hit (this is an individual payout, not team). 


Posting Scores: The Pro Shop will post your scores to GHIN after each round, so please do not post them yourself. If you have not paid for your GHIN yet this year, please do so tomorrow evening!