Player Roster

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Handle H.I. Category GHIN Active
Adriana Llobet Soto 7.4 FEM Yes
Agustin Odio 3.8 CAMP Yes
Alejandro Fiatt 6.4 CAMP Yes
Alejandro Hueda 10.0 AA Yes
Alexander Jensen 24.1 C Yes
Alexia Truque 20.1 FEM Yes
Alfredo Jimenez 5.0 CAMP Yes
Alvaro Cortes 23.8 C Yes
Alyssa Metcalfe 25.9 Infantil Yes
Andres Pio Martinez 18.1 B Yes
Arnoldo Calvo 3.1 CAMP Yes
Bernny Hidalgo 17.7 B Yes
Cesar Restrepo 7.2 AA Yes
Connor Ellison Infantil No
Daniel Casas 14.6 CAMP Yes
Dany Angulo 1.6 CAMP Yes
David Mears 0.7 CAMP Yes
Desiree Ortiz Infantil No
Diego Montero 12.0 CAMP Yes
Edison Wu 2.3 CAMP Yes
Eduardo Fernandez 18.2 B Yes
Elias Mardeni +3.9 CAMP Yes
Emma Ortiz Infantil No
Erick Apuy 22.4 B Yes
Erick Brenes 14.5 A Yes
Fabio Jr Solano 7.4 AA Yes
Fabricio Gallese 7.1 AA Yes
Felipe Montero 3.1 CAMP Yes
Felipe Odio +1.1 CAMP Yes
Fernando Carazo 14.5 A Yes
Francisco Vargas 12.3 A Yes
Garfield Lindo 11.3 A Yes
Ian Arauz 23.5 CAMP Yes
Ignacio Avila 18.0 B Yes
Isak Lindstrom 5.5 Infantil Yes
Jacinto Jose SR Lozada 29.9 Senior Yes
Jaime Blanco 15.9 A Yes
Joel Fernandez 12.4 A Yes
John Barboza 9.3 AA Yes
Jorge Aguilar 10.1 AA Yes
Jorge Chinchilla 12.0 A Yes
Jorge Roy Salazar 16.3 A Yes
Jose Alvarez 10.4 A Yes
Jose Lozada 9.7 AA Yes
Juan Pablo Alvarado Barrantes 5.4 AA Yes
Juan Pablo Chavarría Infantil No
Juan Pablo Chinchilla 13.1 A Yes
Lohaijany Peterman 26.9 C Yes
Luis Cruz Ventura 14.5 Infantil -
Luis Diego Quirós 16.6 B Yes
Luis Rodriguez 16.3 A Yes
Luka Peterman 1.7 Infantil Yes
Marcos Gonzalez Miranda 15.9 A Yes
Mario Aviles 10.3 AA Yes
Mario Garita 6.3 AA Yes
Mauricio Amaya Infantil No
Mauricio Mendez 21.3 B Yes
Mercedes Sayegh Infantil Yes
Michael Batista Flores 16.4 B Yes
Michael Mikus +1.1 CAMP Yes
Miguel Fiatt 17.0 B Yes
Milton Maduro 24.6 C Yes
Patrick Ellison Infantil No
Paul Chaplet +3.3 CAMP Yes
Robert Valerio 21.3 B Yes
Roberto Rojas +1.6 CAMP Yes
Sebastian Chinchilla Velhagen 1.6 CAMP Yes
Sergio Cedeño 14.4 B Yes
Sofia Salas 23.4 FEM Yes
Sophia Maduro 24.3 C Yes
Tessa Ortiz Infantil No
Valentin Horvilleur 20.2 B Yes
Warren Solano 10.7 AA Yes
Wilbert Gutierrez 13.7 A Yes
Yann Chaplet 7.0 AA Yes