Welcome to the Mens Golf League's El Con Portal

Register to have your name entered into the Pusch Ridge Men’s 9-Hole Monday Morning League Roster of available players. You only need to register once. After you have registered, you are then able to sign up for weekly play through the El Con Portal (this site) or through an email that is sent to you from the league manager.


The league is free to join. You can play once or as often as you like. Just sign up for each week you wish to play. Sign-ups open Monday afternoon and close at 9:00 AM on Saturday.


To sign up using this site, select your name by clicking on Select Name, Please Select. Choose your name and click Next. Choose either Sign Up or Cannot Play. You can also cancel your sign-up using the same procedure. If you don't see Select Name, sign-up for the week is closed.


This league is geared to have a fun relaxed format for all ages and abilities. You can play from the tee box of your choice. Maximum score on any hole is 3 over par. No penalties for a lost ball. You can improve your lie on or off the fairway for unfair course conditions. Best of all you are allowed one mulligan on the first tee box.


Handicaps are kept by the league. There is no need to pay for an official handicap. They are adjusted weekly. After the first week of play you will receive a new handicap. Starting the second week when your handicap is established, you can optionally put $5 into a prize pool. There will be 3 positions paid out in both the A and B flights. All payouts are in cash and can be picked up the following week. The handicap system is adjusted so it doesn't favor either high or low handicap golfers.


For more information about our league, to view flight reports (results from the previous week) and to see a complete set of rules go the Pusch Ridge Mens League Website.


Pusch Ridge Golf Course is located at 10000 N Oracle Rd, Oro Valley, AZ. Turn east off of N Oracle Rd and then take your first right.


For questions contact the league manager Stan New at mens.puschridgegolf@gmail.com.