About GolfLeagueGenius.com:

GolfLeagueGenius.com is a web-based solution designed to efficiently manage and organize golf leagues. When it comes to golf league management products, GolfLeagueGenius is in a league of its own in functionality, ease of use, a detailed knowledge base, and customer support that is always just a phone call away. Here are some highlights...

One of the truly unique aspects of GolfLeagueGenius.com is the proprietary pairings scheduler based on algorithms first developed for GolfTripGenius.com. In most leagues, there is a desire to have everyone play with everyone else over the course of the season as much as possible (minimize repeats). League managers can accomplish this as well as many different pairings parameters such as:

-Golfers paired by AB/ABCD/Handicap/Teams
-Golfers paired based on scores from a prior round
-Or manually specify the foursomes

Tired of playing the same tournament formats over and over again? GolfLeagueGenius.com offers the ability to create a wide variety of tournaments that are unique and fun to play. With GolfLeagueGenius, you can play numerous formats within a single event (for example: best 2 balls of foursome with skins, low net and low gross). It is also possible to set up tournaments that span multiple events or an entire season, like Aggregate Stablefords. After the event, scoring is made easy as you only need to enter gross scores, no matter how many tournaments are being played. Let the Genius calculate everything for you!

Member Portal:
GolfLeagueGenius allows each every league manager to create a custom web site for their league; we refer to this as the "Member Portal". The portal can be accessed by league members to view results and standings, register for events, share photos, view tee sheets, post on the league message board, and more. Each portal page can be public or private to protect personal information for your players or league. Leagues can upload a logo, select a color scheme, and create unique pages to fit their needs. Apps such as results and pairings can also be embedded in an existing website.
Mobile App:
Take scoring to the next level with GolfLeagueGenius.com. League managers can save time while keeping golfers engaged with live scoring from the GolfLeagueGenius iPhone and Android apps. With the free app, golfers can enter scores for their group while out on the course and view a real-time leaderboard for the event.
Real-time Scoring:
GolfLeagueGenius offers two distinct types of real-time leaderboard views: a TV display format for group viewing on large screens, where scrolling of all information is automatic, and a user-controlled display of real-time leaderboard via a web browser on a PC, iPad or smartphone. In both cases, viewers can see summary results and detailed hole-by-hole results.
Some Other Tidbits:
-GHIN, GolfNet and Handicap Server integration for updating Handicap Indexes
-Print reports, scorecards, tee sheets, cart signs, etc.
-Detailed player statistics and analytics
-Many tools for communication between you and your members
-Extensive Help Database full of articles, videos, and FAQs

For more information, visit www.GolfLeagueGenius.com
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