U.S. Open - Final Qualifier - Woodmont Country Club - Rockville, Maryland

Monday, June 5, 2023


Golf Genius GGID for this qualifier is USOPENFINAL2023

There are 60 players competing for FOUR (4) qualifying spots and two (2) alternate spots.


Tournament Docs

Player Memo HERE


USGA Local Rules & Terms of the Competition HERE


Notice to Players HERE


Pace of Play Policy HERE      


Pace of Play Time Allotment  - 4:39 with 1st tee start - 4:40 with 10th tee start HERE


Approximate Yardages/Tees for qualifier  HERE


Club Score Card  HERE


USGA - U. S. Open General Information HERE


Hole by Hole Notes HERE




Note - players will be provided with the Hard Card/Notice, Pace of Play, and Hole Locations/Time Chart on the first tee.

Metal spiked golf shoes are prohibited in practice rounds and qualifying rounds. 




Distance Measuring Devices (DMD's) HERE     


Greens Reading Materials HERE                                                     


Anchoring the Putter HERE


Groove Condition HERE


Grooves Illustrated HERE


Hydration Awareness HERE


Lightning Awareness HERE

Announcements/Player Info

Course Information  
Woodmont Country Club – North Course

1201 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852


Pro Shop Phone (301) 424-8496   Club Main Number (301) 424-7200  www.woodmontcc.com


Please read all the information here and available via the links.  Players are responsible for being aware of and knowing all Local Rules and Terms of the Competition and other information provided.  



Model Local Rule G-7 as prescribed in Section 8 of the Committee Procedures is in effect at this qualifying site.   Metal spiked golf shoes are prohibited in practice rounds and qualifying rounds.   Penalty for breach is:  first breach (first stroke) – General Penalty/2 strokes, second breach (second stroke) -  Disqualification. 

Qualifying Date and Number of Spots

For U. S. Open Final Qualifying at the Woodmont Country Club – North Course, on Monday, June 5, there are 60 competitors for X (X) qualifying spots & two (2) alternate spots.  We will be notified of the number of qualifying spots Sunday evening, June 4.


One Ball Rule - The One Ball Rules is NOT in effect - repeat - Not in effect for any USGA qaulifiers.  It will be at the Championship proper.


Groupings & Starting Times

Starting times begin at 7:15 AM from hole #1 and #10.   


Morning traffic in and around the Washington, D. C. area is severe.  Please allow plenty of time to travel to Woodmont CC. 


Practice Round

Practice rounds are available beginning immediately. Local players are encouraged to arrange practice prior to the weekend before qualifying.  Be advised that the club is very busy on the Sunday before qualifying and that the first tee will close at 12:00 PM to all member play for course prep. There will be no AM practice times available on Sunday.  The 1st tee will reopen at 1:00 PM for practice rounds, first come, first served.  Please call the pro shop at (301) 424-8496 to schedule your time on other days.   Please play one ball during practice.  Carts may be used during practice rounds and the fee is $30.00.  Practice balls are provided gratis, courtesy of the club.  



There is no formal registration.  There is no call to the tee; it is the player’s responsibility to arrive on time.  Players should report to their starting tee as the group ahead leaves the teeing ground to allow plenty of time for the Starter to review instructions and Rules of Play.


Food & Beverage

Breakfast will not be provided.  The club's 'Pavilion', near the ninth putting green and scoreboard will be open for lunch and has a variety of menu items and beverages - cash only - no credit cards accepted.


General Information

The Rules of Golf as approved by the United States Golf Association and the R & A govern play.  This information sheet, the USGA Rules hard card - HERE - and any site-specific Local Rules and Terms of Competition sheets are supplements to the Rules of Golf.  Local Rules of the host course do not apply.  The Committee in Charge will settle all questions.  Reference to the Rules and Local Rules may be found in the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf.  Unless otherwise noted the penalty for breach of a Local Rule or Condition is:  2 Strokes. 


Code of Conduct

As set forth in the USGA application, the code of conduct applies to all USGA Qualifying and Championships. 


Live Scoring

During the morning round, scores will be collected at the turn and recorded for entry into our Golf Genius platform.  The cards will be returned as you depart your tenth tee.  During the afternoon round an experienced volunteer will accompany each group to observe play and record scores at the conclusion of each hole on-line via the Golf Genius app.  Note - players will not input scores during their rounds. 


Players and guests may download the Golf Genius app to their phone – available on your phones app. store free of charge – search USGA TM -and then log-in with the GGID/password  USOPENFINAL2023.  NBC/Golf Channel will be providing extensive coverage of Final Qualifying nationwide throughout the day.



Caddies are permitted.  You may bring your own caddie.  You may carry your own bag.  However, if you wish the club to arrange a caddie for you, you must call the pro shop in advance.  The caddie fee is $80.00 per bag, per 18-hole round, plus tip.  Pull/push carts are allowed for practice and the competition.  Push carts are available for rental from the club for $15.00 for 18 holes.  If you choose to use a pushcart you must use a club pushcart for practice rounds but may use your own during the competition. 


Misc. Rules and Information


Distance-Measuring Devices are now permitted in U. S. Open Final Qualifying - please review the guidelines for their use and for restrictions on their capabilities.  They are not permitted in the championship proper.


Groove and Punch Mark Specifications - The player's clubs must conform to the groove and punch mark specifications in the Rules of Golf that are effective from January 1, 2010.   The committee in charge of the competition is under no obligation to confirm conformance of any club for any reason.   Model Local Rule G-2


Prohibiting Use of Motorized Transportation 

Local Rule as prescribed in Section 8 of the Committee Procedures is in effect. Model Local Rule G-6.

Players must not ride on any form of transportation during the stipulated round unless authorized by the Committee.  NOTE: A player’s clubs MAY NOT be transported by a caddie on a motorized golf cart.


Pace of Play Guidelines and Procedures

This qualifying site follows the USGA Pace of Play Guidelines.  An abbreviated version will be printed on the back of the Hole Location chart.  Pace of play is a critical element in our being able to finish within a reasonable time.  Allotted time to play your round is 4 hours and 39 minutes from the first tee and 4 hours and 40 minutes from the tenth tee.


Spectator Carts

USGA policy prohibits spectator carts.  There are no exceptions to this policy.


Practice Range

The practice range opens one hour before the first starting time weather permitting.  Range balls will be set up at the practice range and are complimentary for competitors, courtesy of the Woodmont CC.  Please allow time to get from the range to your starting tee.


Practice Facilities

The primary practice putting green is adjacent to the pro shop and first tee.  There is also a short game practice area to the left of the first tee.


Yardage Book

The most recent edition (2021) of the book will be available in the pro shop for $40.00 plus tax - cash or credit card.



In the event of a tie for qualifying places or the alternate positions, the tied players shall compete in a hole-by-hole play-off.  The starting hole and time shall be announced at the scoreboard immediately after the Committee has verified the results of the qualifier.  It is the player's responsibility to be aware of where he stands in relation to the leaders and the possibility of being in a playoff.  Do not leave unless you are positive you are out of the 'mix.' 



If you must withdraw prior to 3:00 PM on Sunday, June 4, contact Brent Paladino at bpaladino@usga.org or (908) 326-1254. If you withdraw any time after 3:00 PM on June 5, call Michael Cumberpatch at (410)991-7843.



Short pants are permitted.  They must be of a traditional style.  No 'short shorts', cargo shorts, jeans, cut-offs, or t-shirts. 


Hydration Awareness info is HEREBe sure to drink plenty of water before and during your round.


When Competition Is Final

The competition is final when the medal has been presented to the low qualifier or, in the absence of a prize ceremony, when all scores have been approved by the Committee.


Michael Cumberpatch

Official in Charge