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Tree that is staked and braced - relief from stakes and bracing wires onlyThere are a bunch of these on the golf course, mainly down the right side of #1, the right side of #17 (right of the cart path down right side), and right side of #18.  Some will be OB and some in-bounds.  Will come into play mainly on #17.
























Mesh to protect the tree from deer is part of the tree and no relief



Hole #10 - The weather station is NOT a TIO.  Two irrigation boxes close together are one obstruction.


New sod way right of #15 green is rooted - sod seam relief for lie of ball only - some big seams


Cart path construction way right of #18 green and left of #7 fairway beyond the dog leg is GUR - will be marked

with small green/blue striped posts.  Good chance the work will be done and there will only be some sod to worry about.  Stay tuned.