MGL 2023 at Longbow Golf Club


The MGL is excited to begin another year at Longbow Golf Club. Our goal is to create a fun, friendly and competitive environment in which golfers of all abilities can participate.


Membership Fees for 2023

2023 AGA Membership

Click here to join or renew your AGA membership online today!


The standard AGA Membership fee for 2023 will be $45, but if you join or renew early between October 1 and December 31, 2022, you will save up to $10


This is the first year we are asking all MGL members to renew their GHIN through the Arizona Golf Association's website. Please select the above link to complete your GHIN membership you will need to sign in or setup a username and password with AGA to complete.  You can then set this up to auto renew every year. This login will be separate from your Golf Genius login. Please see the above table for AGA membership fees for 2023. The MGL membership fees due to Longbow Golf club for 2023 will be $125.00.   Membership fees are placed into the 2023 MGL Membership Fee holding account and will be used for participation in the Golf Genius Tournament Management Software, prize funds, special events and other operational costs that may arise throughout the year.


In addition to the 2023 MGL membership fees, each member must purchase a 2023 Longbow Flight Card. Returning members may use credit book money for the purchase of the Flight Card. If you have not yet purchased your Flight Card, you may do so as an add on to your MGL Membership registration.

Tournament Information


The MGL has on average two tournaments per month. Formats for the tournaments vary. A schedule of tournaments has been attached. The dates for the tournaments are subject to change at golf course discretion.


Tournament entry fee is $20 per person which is applied to the prize fund. In addition, each entrant shall pay the posted green fee which is shown on the 2023 MGL Tournament Schedule. If you no show, no call the golf course prior to round you will be charged the $20 entry fee which will be carried forward to the next MGL event you participate in.


To play in the 2023 club championship you must be a MGL member by or before July 31st (7/31).


Scoring: The MGL will be using the USGA GHIN handicap system to determine tournament handicaps.  Tournament handicaps will follow USGA appendix C allowances.


Local Rules: Desert Rule enforced for all MGL events: If your ball crosses into the desert but is clearly not out of bounds from the point at which the shot was played, you are entitled to take relief under penalty of one stroke.  You may drop with in two club lengths no nearer to the hole, where your ball last crossed the grass, not where you found it.  If your ball never crossed grass you may drop at the Red Tee. If your ball leaves the property/is clearly out of bounds from the point at which it was played, you must re-hit under penalty of stroke and distance.


All putts must be holed. 


Appendix I in Part B of the Rules of Golf under Specimen Local Rules. (relief from sprinkler heads around green)

  1. The ball must lie through the green (not in a bunker of water hazard); and
  2. The immovable obstruction (sprinkler head) must be on or within two club-lengths of the putting green; and
  3. The immovable obstruction must be within two club-lengths of the ball; and
  4. The immovable obstruction must intervene on the line of play between the ball and the hole.


If and only if, all of the criteria above apply for intervention on our line of play, then the player may lift and drop the ball at the nearest point of relief that is not nearer the hole, avoids intervention and is not in a hazard or on a putting green.


On Hole 4 a drop zone/marker will designate where relief is taken from the pond and surrounding area marked with red hazard paint/stakes.   If for some reason this area is not marked, it is generally 200 yards or so out from the green by where the pond begins, not around the corner.


Signup Policy: Deadline for tournament entry is 5:00 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to the tournament start date. Sign-ups will only be accepted thru Golf Genius Tournament Management software with invites sent via email.


Tee-Time/Pairing Policy: All tee times and hole assignments (shotgun starts) will be determined by the tournament director and/or Longbow Golf Club staff members. MGL members may request to play with one other member only.


Tournament Scoring and Results: The MGL will use the Golf Genius Tournament Software powered combined with the WHS for tournaments during the season. This software system coincides with USGA guidelines regarding scoring. Official tournament results using the USGA preferred tie breaking method will be posted no later than the Wednesday following the tournament, this includes skin results. However, since the MGL is utilizing the Golf Genius App for real time scoring at each event, unofficial results will likely be known on the day of the event.


Tournament Tees: All MGL members will be playing from the Green Tees. With the following exceptions.


  1. MGL Members aged 65 or older may chose to play from the Green/White combo tee
  2. Female members of the MGL may choose to play from the White or Red Tees.


Tournament Flights/Payouts: The number of flights and the number of payouts will be determined based upon the number of entrants in each tournament. Flights will be split as evenly as possible using USGA GHIN handicaps. Payouts will be made to approximately 30% of each flight. The formation of flights will be tied to levels of participation as follows:


0 – 15 players       1 Flight

16 – 30 players    2 Flights

31 – 45 players    3 Flights

46 – 60 players    4 Flights

61 + players         5 Flights



Tournament winnings will be paid as money on account in the player’s credit book. The credit book money may be used to purchase merchandise in the Golf Shop, either in stock or special order and/or purchase next year’s Longbow Flight Card and MGL Membership fee.


Skins: At most tournaments, there will be an optional gross only and net only skins pot. Entry into both pots will be $20. In addition, most tournaments have two closest to the pin competitions and hole in one insurance available for $5.  In any tournament Skins game, no participant will be allowed more than 1 handicap stroke per hole.


Friday Night Skins: Most Friday afternoons, the MGL hosts a skins game competition (9 holes) open to all MGL members in good standing. To participate in the Friday Night Skins game, a member must participate in at least one tournament each quarter. Additionally, each member will play from the Green Tees during the skins game, or Green/White combo tee if aged 65 and over. In the Friday Night Skins game, no participant will be allowed more than 1 handicap stroke per hole. Players will establish their playing groups themselves. Starting time on Fridays will be between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. depending on the time of year.


Sign Up Today: Visit Longbow Golf Club to sign up and pay your membership fee today or call the golf shop for more information, 480.807.5400.


Thank you

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