Code of Conduct.


This Code of Conduct sets out the minimum standards of behaviour expected when participating in any Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs (CUGC) event, and players must ensure they are familiar with and understand the details set out below and meet these minimum standards at all times.


1. Code of Conduct


Breaches of the Code of Conduct include, but are not limited to, the following :

(a) Foul and abusive language

(b) Abuse of clubs or the course or clubhouse such as : (i) throwing and/or breaking clubs (ii) damaging course equipment, tee markers, flagsticks, rakes, etc. (iii) inappropriate damage to the greens or teeing grounds (iv) defacing or damaging on-course signage or clubhouse fittings

(c) Being disrespectful of other players, referees, spectators or members / representatives of the host club

(d) Failing to care for the course, for example (i) not repairing pitchmarks, not raking bunkers and/or not replacing divots (ii) pulling trolleys onto or across teeing grounds or greens

(e) Acting in a manner contrary to the spirit of the game of golf that may bring the game or CUGC into disrepute

(f) Mis-use of Social Media/smartphones such as (i) excessive use of social media/smartphones during a round – this excludes use to report live on[1]course scoring (ii) using critical or disrespectful language in any public forum towards CUGC or any parties mentioned in (c) above

(g) Failing to adhere to the rules and regulations relating to the host club e.g. dress code and the use of mobile phones.


2. Enforcement


Some breaches may be noticed personally by referees as they occur and the referees would be expected to take the appropriate action at that time. Otherwise, breaches may be reported to the Tournament Committee (or its representatives) by other parties and some enquiries may need to be conducted before action can be taken. However, the following penalties have been authorised by the Tournament Committee to apply when any breaches as set out above have been confirmed :

First Breach – an official warning

Second Breach - General Penalty

Third Breach - Disqualification Note that (a) any penalties imposed during a round will be carried forward to future rounds until such time that the event is concluded and (b) any breaches by the player’s caddie will result in penalties being imposed on the player.


3. Tournament Committee Decisions


Any decision of the Tournament Committee in relation to breaches of the Code of Conduct is final. In addition, if any breaches are considered to amount to serious misconduct (or worse) because of : - their severity - their impact upon others, or - an extended period over which many breaches have occurred (perhaps over more than one CUGC event) any of which may have an impact upon the reputation of the game of golf or of the CUGC, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to take further action to address such situations. This could include referring the matter for review under the County Disciplinary Procedure but in either case, it could result in further and more serious penalties