The Green - Wednesday - Scramble League | Jan 16 - Feb 27

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Winter League Information & FAQs

FAQ sheets passed out Week 1.

Ask staff on league night for more information!



The Green's Substitute Player Policy

Subs are welcome!  No handicap, no registration. 

No more than five players per team per night.




Frequently Asked Questions:

Can all five golfers play?
Yes, each week is designed to allow all five golfers to play.

What if we have more than five golfers?
The max players per team per round is five players.  Please have someone sit at your bay and hang but not play!

What if we have only one golfer?
Subs are encouraged, you are able to bring in a sub for that week. 

What if I can’t make my round, can I make it up later?
Due to scoring constraints, players must be present at their tee time to score for their team, and make up rounds are not able to be played.