Welcome to the Oaks North Women's Golf Club


Sweeps game winnings can be found on the Results tab

Sweeps money won is posted monthly to your Pro Shop Gift Card.

You may use your Gift Card to renew your JC membership and to shop for merchandise.


Pace of Play Pledge
We ask that all groups commit to the Oaks North

pace-of-play standard: between 3 and 3-1/2 hours (maximum)


Be considerate and play without delay!


Keep up with the group ahead of you

After putting out, proceed to the next tee and record the scores

Minimize your time on the tee

Save your conversation for between shots

Play ready golf

Pay attention to when it’s your turn to hit. Take no longer than 20 seconds for your entire pre-shot routine. Take no more than one practice swing.

Manage your cart

Cooperation between cart partners is helpful.  Park strategically, walk to your ball with a couple of clubs and be ready to play.