Player Roster

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Handle 1.) Medal Series? 2.) Holly Challenge? 3.) Blazer? 4.) Blazer Partner?
Baldwin, Miles No No Yes Bernie Schaub
Beglin, Bob No No Yes George Schneiter
Behnke, Bob Yes Yes No -
Belford, Jim Yes No No -
Birkhauser, David No No Yes Jim Sellgren
Bishop, Frank Yes No Yes Tom Vicenik
Blackwell, Walt Yes Yes Yes Gene Medlock
Blackwood, Jim Yes Yes No -
Bradley, Don No No Yes Caird Vandersloot
Burnat, Larry No No Yes Tom Nussbaum
Carroll, Kevin Yes Yes Yes Tim Donahue
Connors, Bruce Yes Yes Yes Bruce Smith
Dailey, Mike Yes No Yes Chris Mooney
Davison, Ted Yes Yes No -
Donahue, Tim Yes No Yes Kevin Carroll
Eddington, Reid Yes Yes Yes Tom Bradley
Edgar, Clarke Yes No Yes Rob kepler
Fabian, RJ No Yes Yes Ed Ward
Felice, Steve Yes Yes No -
Gabarra, Fred Yes Yes Yes Brian MacConnachie
Gaudreault, Kenneth No No Yes Vince Gordon
Glaspy, Mike Yes No Yes Bill Leonard
Gordon, Vince No No Yes Kenneth Gaudreault
Grocholski, Greg Yes Yes No -
Harjung, Cameron Yes No Yes Tim Pittman
Hegedus, Joe No Yes No -
Herring, Hal No No Yes John Slocum
Holland, Chris Yes Yes Yes Bill Summers
Joseph, Ronald No Yes No -
Kepler, Rob Yes No Yes Clarke Edgar
Lannon, Art Yes No No -
Leech, Lynn Yes Yes Yes Bob weber
Leonard, Bill No No Yes Mike Glaspy
Lichtenberger, Jack Yes Yes Yes -
MacConnachie, Brian Yes Yes Yes Fred Gabarra
Mardigian, Charlie No No Yes Ed Rackowski
Medlock, Gene No Yes Yes Walt blackwell
Moddle, Jeff Yes Yes No -
Mooney, Chris No No Yes Mike Dailey
Nehlsen, Pete Yes Yes Yes Dick Derleth
Norell, Steve Yes Yes No -
Nussbaum, Tom No Yes Yes Larry Burnat
Petersen, Gary Yes Yes Yes rudzitis
Pike, Dwight Yes No No -
Pittman, Tim Yes No Yes Cameron Harjung
Poore, David Yes Yes Yes Steve Felice
Rackowski, Ed Yes Yes Yes Charlie Mardigian
Reutter, Bob Yes No No -
Ross, Steve Yes Yes Yes Tom Scott
Rotondo, Larry Yes Yes No -
Rudzitis, Johann Yes Yes Yes Petersen, Gary
Sankey, Bob No No No -
Schaub, Bernie Yes No Yes Miles Baldwin
Sellgren, Jim Yes Yes Yes Dave birkhauser
Simone, Rocco Yes Yes Yes ANDY WURST
Slate, Jim No Yes Yes Mark Voetsch
Slavin, Jim Yes Yes No -
Slocum, John No Yes Yes Hal Herring
Smith, David Yes No No -
Spangler, Perry Yes No No -
Summers, Bill No No Yes Chris Holland
Vandersloot, Caird Yes Yes Yes Don Bradley
Vicenik, Tom Yes No Yes Frank Bishop
Voetsch, Mark No Yes Yes Jim Slate
Ward, Ed No No Yes R.J. Fabian
Watterworth, George No No Yes Paul Jones
Weber, Bob No No Yes Lynn Leech
Weltmann, Nick Yes Yes No -
Wurst, Andy Yes Yes Yes Simone, Rocco