Welcome to the City Championship 2023 - Men


The 2024 Simi Valley City Championship  - June 8 - 9, 2024


2024 Rules of Play


Format – Individual stroke play.  The Tournament Committee reserves the right to adjust handicaps before and during competition.  Net flight participants will play to their GHIN (LI) index , as of May 22, 2024.  Players without a valid GHIN index will play in the Championship Flights.


Meals – Two meals (breakfast/lunch or lunch/dinner) and on-course snacks and water are included in your tournament fees.  Food and beverages, including tickets for the Players’ meals, can be purchased in the Birdie Bar for caddies & spectators ($15 for breakfast and $20 for lunch or dinner incl. tax; gratuities extra).


Rules – Play will be conducted according to the USGA Rules of Golf.  Local rules apply.  The Tournament Committee will resolve all disputes.  If contacting the tournament committee will result in an undue delay of play, play a second ball; keep both scores and present the question to the Tournament Committee at the end of your round.


GPS / Distance Measuring Devices and Cell Phones – Players may obtain distance information by use of a distance-measuring device. If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g. elevation changes, wind speed, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 4-3a. A multi-functional device, such as a smartphone, may be used as a distance-measuring device, but it must not be used to gauge or measure other conditions where doing so would be a breach of Rule 4-3a.  Any questions about such devices should be resolved before the start of the stipulated round. 


Electric Carts – Carts may be rented by competitors for the duration of their rounds only.  A player may share a cart with another competitor, a caddy or a spectator.  There is a fee of $17 for each person using a cart ($34 for a private cart).  There is a maximum of 2 riders per cart and only one cart per player.


Tee Times – It is each player’s responsibility to arrive at the first tee at the scheduled time.  If a player arrives at the first tee, ready to play, within five minutes after the scheduled tee time, he/she will be penalized two strokes.  If the player arrives more than five minutes after the scheduled tee time, the player will be disqualified from the competition.


Pace of Play – Pace of play expectation for the tournament is 4 hours, which is very reasonable for threesomes.  Any group that falls a hole behind the group in front of them AND is behind a 4 hour pace will be given one verbal notice to catch up within 15 minutes.  The tournament committee will monitor compliance.  If that group fails to catch up in 15 minutes, all players in the group will be assessed a two (2) stroke penalty.


Penalty Areas – Penalty areas are defined red lines.  OB is identified by perimeter fences and/or white stakes.  GUR is identified by white lines; nearest relief is granted no nearer the hole. 


Ties / Playoffs – In the event of a tie for first place in the championship flight, a sudden-death playoff will be conducted to determine the winner.  The playoff will begin on Hole 1 as soon as possible after the last group in the flight finishes their round and scores have been verified.  If a tie exists after hole 1, play will continue on hole 9; then back to hole 1, continuing between those two holes until the tie is broken.  The winner of the playoff will be awarded the first place prize money and will have their name engraved on the perpetual trophy.


Ties for first place in any other flight will be decided by a scorecard playoff beginning on the number one handicap hole and continuing until the tie is broken.  The card off winner will be awarded the first place prize money and a special gift.  For all other places, any ties will split the combined prize money for any positions which are tied.


Prizes are awarded in the net flights according to the following system.  The lowest gross score in each net flight will be awarded the low gross prize.  That player will then be considered ineligible for any net prizes.  The lowest resulting net score after any ineligible scores have been removed, will be awarded the low net prize.  This pattern will repeat until all gross and net prizes have been awarded.


Posting – The tournament committee will post all scores to the GHIN system. 


Score Keeping – All players must trade scorecards with another player in their group and keep their own scores in the marker’s area of the card to verify accuracy.  We also ask that one player per group keep a digital scorecard through the Golf Genius app. the Signed and attested scorecards should be turned in immediately after the end of the round.  THE WRITTEN SCORE ON PRINTED TOURNAMENT SCORECARDS ARE ONLY OFFICIAL SCORES. NOT THE DIGITAL SCORECARD. 


Sunday Tee Times – Sunday tee times will be posted on our website no later than 8:30 PM Saturday night.  The flights will tee off in the same order on Sunday as they do on Saturday, and within the same time ranges.


Awards – Awards and scores will be posted Sunday as soon as possible after the last group in each flight completes play and cards have been verified.


2024 Spectator Rules 


We welcome spectators to attend our City Championship and support their favorite players!  To ensure a safe and fair environment for players and spectators alike, we offer the following guidelines.


  • Spectators are requested to check in with the official starter at the first tee prior to accessing the course.
  • Electric carts may be rented by competitors for use during their rounds only.  Players can share a cart with another player, a caddy, or a spectator – with a maximum of two people per cart and one cart per player. There is a charge of $17 per person using the cart.
  • We request that spectators walking the course stay with one threesome throughout the course and stay on the cart paths at all times.  Please remember that there are other golfers all around you, and you don’t want to risk being hit, or delaying their play.
  • Cell phones should be in a silent mode at all times on the course, in respect of all players.  Phone calls are easily overheard on the golf course and can be a distraction to tournament players.  Please refrain from using your phone on the course.
  • Rules officials will be on the course, and all players are made aware of procedures to follow if rules issues arise.  Please do NOT offer advice or opinions to golfers at any time!
  • Children age 7 and older will be allowed to follow play if accompanied by and monitored by parents.  All rules, including restriction to cart paths, silent phones and continuously following the group you are with, apply to children.
  • Proper attire for all spectators is appreciated.
  • Bathroom facilities are located near the tees of hole 6 on the front nine and 15 on the back nine, as well as in the clubhouse. 
  • NEW! This year be a digital spectator, simply use the GGID: ____ on the Golf Genius app or at golfgenius.com to track your favorite players score.



The Birdie Bar & Eatery, located in the clubhouse, can provide food and beverages for all spectators, including tickets for the meals offered to players.  Breakfast, lunch and supper player meals are offered to spectators and caddies at $20 for breakfast and $25 for lunch including tax (gratuities extra).

Enjoy watching some great golf here at Simi Hills.  We hope you will return to play the course yourself in the near future!



  •  Regular Championship Flight - LI (12-month Low Index) of 2.4 or better - Black Tees 
  •  Regular "A" Flight - Handicap range based on entries - Gold Tees 
  •  Regular "B" Flight - Handicap range based on entries - Silver Tees 


Order of Play:


Competitors must play within their flight of tee times both days.  On Sunday, tee times are assigned based on Saturday's scores.  Blocks of times for each flight are dependent on the number of players in each flight.  On both days, the order of play is as follows:


  • B Flight
  • A Flight
  • Championship Flight


Cancellation Policy:


We appreciate notification of cancellations as early as possible, in order to provide golfers on the wait list with the opportunity to play in this event.

If you find you are unable to play:

  • You will receive a full refund if you cancel before 5 pm on May 12.
  • If you cancel after 5 pm on May 12 but before 5 pm on May 19 and we are able to fill your space from our waiting list, you will receive a full refund.  If we have no waiting list, your refund will be $100.
  • If you cancel after 5 pm on May 19 but before 5 pm on May 25, you will receive a $100 refund.
  • If you cancel after 5 pm on May 25, there will be no refund.


Contact Information:  Blake Lapham PGA, Head Golf Professional, Call (805) 522-0803, ext. 4