Competition Convenor



Ger Ennis 

Email Address

Phone No.

086 248 1471



*The Competition Convenor is the principal point of contact for this competition in your area and is available to assist and advise on points of information related to the terms of competition. Results must be submitted to the Competition Convenor immediately following the conclusion of the match by text or email to the above details.


**In the event of a dispute arising during the match which the teams are unable to resolve themselves, the Competition Convenor will not make rulings over the phone - the match must be continued and a later ruling must be requested in writing from the Regional Office within 48 hours of the match result. 
Leinster Regional Office email


***The Convenor does not have a role in mediating between two teams who cannot agree a date for playing their match. The responsibility to agree a date within the time allotted sits with the teams themselves.