Hello Gents,


As we gear up for the 2023 Golf Season at Oneka Ridge GC, we have some info and updates for you.

Your Oneka Ridge Men’s club committee met this weekend and reviewed the survey results and recommended a few changes to the league and events for the coming year.

- Member- Guest will be 27 holes on June 24th with a cut after the first 18 holes.

- All signups will be 4 person signups so you can play with you group each week, this does not include the club championship or the Oneka Cup Championship. Both of these will be individual signups.

- Singles Match Play will not have a set date for the first round and will be capped when we get 64 players to sign up. We also will be enforcing the deadlines strictly, so we have time to get this done before the start of the Oneka Cup Championship at the end of the year. This means if you don't have your round in by the deadline, we will set up a tee time for you to play your match on the last Sunday before the deadline and if you do not show up you are out.

- Double Match Play will stay the same with the first 2 rounds be played on set dates that we choose. No exceptions. We will cap the doubles at 32 teams so when we send out the email for this sign up fast.

- Both of the Players Pools will only pay out the top 5 players in the net game (both flights) and the top 3 in the gross game. We will be doing scorecard playoffs to determine the winners.

- We will still be using the Blue Tee box for all players except the seniors that choose to play the golds. We did change the age to 55 years and older can play the golds. We will send out an email after the meeting to get the tee boxes set for the year. If you choose to play the golds, you have to stay there the whole year.

The opening meeting will be March 18th at 11am in the clubhouse.  At that meeting we will go over the league rules, if and what we change to the league, and our event calendar at our annual spring meeting:



The dues will be $140 this year which includes your GHIN handicap fee.  You will be able to start paying for this as soon as possible. Oneka is going through a change in POS system which includes and brand-new online tee time site that works great and an ecom store that we are still setting up to take payments for league dues and green fees. We will send out the link to pay for dues as soon as we can.


There will be two places to sign up online for the Men's Club.


-Go to the main Oneka Ridge website and click on “Leagues.”  Then click on “League Registration Forms.” 

-Go to the Golf Genius Men's Club App and click on the league payment link.



The season schedule is being developed fully and will be available shortly online.  For planning purposes, the opening of the league will be on April 15th,2023.  The championship will be held the weekend of August 12th-13th.  The Oneka cup finals will start on August 19th and end on the weekend of September 9th-10th, with a break for Labor Day.  The Member/Guest will be held on June 24th, one day only in 2023.


There will be a few other changes we will unveil at the opening meeting, so you might want to plan on being there.

Looking forward to another fun year of golf with the club!


Men’s Club Committee

Harley Ogata

Craig Wahlstrand

Matt Bushaw

Ken Stemig

Jeff St. Cyr

Kevin Peterson

Jon Hatcher, PGA Head Golf Professional

Mike Awaijane, Asst. Golf Professional