Welcome to the 2023 St. Patrick's Day 3 Club





Three Person Scramble ~ Every person hits a tee shot.  The team will select one and everyone will play from that spot.  Continue in this fashion until the ball is holed.   


All players may lift, clean and place their ball within one club-length of the selected shot (no closer to the hole) except on the putting green where players may place within a putter head length.  The ball must be played from a “like” condition (a ball in the fairway must be played from the fairway, same for the rough, bunker, hazard and green).


Each player may only play with their three clubs.  No sharing allowed.


Gross and Net first place ties will be broken with a sudden death playoff beginning on hole #18 followed by #10, #16, #17, #18 until a champion is crowned.


Tees: Men - Blue Tees, Rule of 80 (age plus hdcp index) – White Tees, Ladies – Red Tees.


Handicaps – Combined Team: A – 25%, B – 15%, C – 10%


Games: Closest to the Pin:  All Par 3s.  Team Skins.