HWGA Championship Registration: If you wish to be added/removed to/from the Roster please email Jeff Jones directly. (jeff@golfhillcrest.com)

There are plenty of spots left for more ladies to play so feel free to sign up!

Roster/Pairings will be sent out Sunday afternoon.



Welcome to the 2023 HWGA Season!


The 2022 HWGA Season was another huge success thanks to the enthusiastic and welcoming HWGA Members. Monthly Afternoon 9-Hole Fun Events, more luncheons & various shotgun starts, the 2023 HWGA Season will only be bigger and better than ever before. The Hillcrest Golf Staff is eager to see everyone and welcome all the new HWGA Members we hope to attract this season.


As your HWGA Managers, we are ready to provide exceptional service with a smile on every HWGA Event. We look forward to conversing and engaging more this season, to make the HWGA League the talk of the town!


With an eager outlook,


Head Golf Professional - Brett Wolf (brett@golfhillcrest.com)

Associate Golf Professional - Jeff Jones (jeff@golfhillcrest.com)



What to expect as a HWGA Member?


  • Guaranteed Tee Times on Tuesday mornings, Once a Month Wednesday Afternoon Tee Times & Pre/Post Season Tuesday Morning Blocked Times (April & October)
  • Three different division options: 18-hole competitive, 9-hole competitive & 9-hole non-competitive
  • All HWGA Members (including Non-Competitive Golfers) will be automatically added to every weekly side game (i.e. closest to the pin, longest putt, most fairways, etc.)
  • End of season luncheon provided by HWGA during Award/Prize Ceremony
  • Group Clinic provided by Hillcrest Professional Golf Staff
  • Weekly "Rules & Etiquette" Tips via Email Results
  • "Welcome Gift Bag" will be handed out to all 2023 HWGA Members


And much more!



Registration Fees & Options


All HWGA Members (Competitive & Non-Competitive): $35.00

Includes all above items listed under ("What to expect as a HWGA Member")


Optional Season-long Ringerboard (Competitive Golfers ONLY): $10.00

More information below on Ringerboard Guidelines & Explanation



"Save the Date" Events


May 1st: HWGA Welcome Dinner

Time and price will be sent out via a RSVP Email. Look for email in early April.


July 11th: Chili Pepper Ladies Invitational

2-Person Best Ball event hosted by Hillcrest Golf Club. Celebrating our 50th Annual Chili Pepper in 2023.


May 17th / June 21st / July 19th / September 6th: HWGA Afternoon Events

More information to come! Please feel free to invite friends who show interest in joining the HWGA League.


July 25th & 26th: Columbine Classic Duet

2-Day Event hosted by Dalton Ranch & Glacier Club



Season-long Ringerboard Description and Information


What is the Season-long Ringerboard?


A ringerboard is used to accumulate the best score for every hole during the HWGA season. Players will compete against fellow golfers in their division for low combined score. 


For example: if you score a 7 on the first hole of a round one, then on another HWGA event day you score a 4 on the first hole, the 4 will count towards your ringerboard season-long score.


Does everyone have to join the Ringerboard?


No, the ringerboard for the 2023 HWGA Season is optional to all competitive golfers. The more golfers we have sign up, the more flights and prizes we will have to give away! Everyone has an equal chance in winning the ringerboard because we have both a Net and Gross Ringerboard!


How much does the Ringerboard cost?


The ringerboard costs an additional $10.00 at the time of registration. You will see an add-on option in the registration section to sign up and pay for the season-long ringerboard


Will the Ringerboard be visible to all HWGA Members?


Yes, the ringerboard will be updated and posted to the HWGA Portal after every round that is applied to the ringerboard. We will have all 18 hole ringerboard golfers in a Gross and Net ringerboard and all 9 hole ringerboard golfers in a Gross and Net ringerboard. Around June 1st we will create different divisions once we have the majority of HWGA Golfers signed up for the season.


When is it too late to sign up for the Ringerboard?


HWGA Members will not be allowed to sign up for the ringerboard after their first round of HWGA golf. All HWGA Members must join the ringerboard at registration or before their first scored round of HWGA golf.


Why sign up for the Ringerboard?


The ringerboard is a great way to track your progress throughout the season. It gives each golfer the drive and motivation to do better on certain holes as the season progresses. Again, the more HWGA golfers that sign up the more fun it becomes and grows your chances in winning! Everyone has a fair chance in winning!


Please email Brett Wolf (brett@golfhillcrest.com) with any questions you may have about the Ringerboard



Below is the full 2023 HWGA Event Calendar

(All formats/dates/times are subject to change. Events will be finalized before signups open)


Weekly Format Signups open 2 weeks prior to each date/event

(Signups will only be accepted via the HWGA Online Portal Page)


Registration Division Explanation

During the online registration, you will be asked to choose a Playing Division. Please choose the division you will play in the majority of the HWGA Season.

If you are playing in a different division from your Registration Selection, please email Brett or Jeff to inform them that you wish to play with a different division for that specific week.


Weekly Group/Playing Requests

HWGA Players may request an early/late tee time for appointments, meetings, events, etc. We will do our best to accomodate all Weekly Requests. Please email Brett or Jeff with all requests.

Requests to play with specific groups or people will never be honored outside of Partner/Team Formatted Games.


For additional questions or concerns please email Brett Wolf or Jeff Jones and we will be happy to help!

brett@golfhillcrest.com ~ jeff@golfhillcrest.com


Thanks for joining the HWGA League and we look forward to a fun season!