2018 Concession Cup Tee Sheet

Singles - Sat, April 21

The Concession Golf Club
Time Players
Note Players on different tees are indicated above.
The Concession Golf Club
Player Tee Time Tee Other Players
Adrian Morrow GB&I 8:10 AM Senior (Singles) Paul Simson
Alan Mew GB&I 8:00 AM Senior (Singles) Buddy Marucci
Bobby Leopold GB&I 9:20 AM Mid-Amateur (Singles) Nathan Smith
Bryan Hughes GB&I 10:10 AM Senior (Singles) Sean Knapp
Buddy Marucci USA 8:00 AM Senior (Singles) Alan Mew
David Corben GB&I 10:00 AM Mid-Amateur (Singles) Matt Parziale
Doug Hanzel USA 9:30 AM Senior (Singles) Ian Crowther
Garth McGimpsey GB&I 9:50 AM Senior (Singles) Matt Sughrue
Gene Elliott USA 8:50 AM Senior (Singles) Graham Bell
Graham Bell GB&I 8:50 AM Senior (Singles) Gene Elliott
Ian Crowther GB&I 9:30 AM Senior (Singles) Doug Hanzel
Jack Gaunt GB&I 8:40 AM Mid-Amateur (Singles) Scott Harvey
John McClure USA 9:10 AM Senior (Singles) Stephen East
Matt Clark GB&I 9:00 AM Mid-Amateur (Singles) Michael McDermott
Matt Parziale USA 10:00 AM Mid-Amateur (Singles) David Corben
Matt Sughrue USA 9:50 AM Senior (Singles) Garth McGimpsey
Michael McDermott USA 9:00 AM Mid-Amateur (Singles) Matt Clark
Nathan Smith USA 9:20 AM Mid-Amateur (Singles) Bobby Leopold
Paul Simson USA 8:10 AM Senior (Singles) Adrian Morrow
Peter O'Keefe GB&I 8:20 AM Mid-Amateur (Singles) Stewart Hagestad
Ronnie Clark GB&I 8:30 AM Senior (Singles) Tim Jackson
Scott Harvey USA 8:40 AM Mid-Amateur (Singles) Jack Gaunt
Sean Knapp USA 10:10 AM Senior (Singles) Bryan Hughes
Simon Richardson GB&I 9:40 AM Mid-Amateur (Singles) Todd White
Stephen East GB&I 9:10 AM Senior (Singles) John McClure
Stewart Hagestad USA 8:20 AM Mid-Amateur (Singles) Peter O'Keefe
Tim Jackson USA 8:30 AM Senior (Singles) Ronnie Clark
Todd White USA 9:40 AM Mid-Amateur (Singles) Simon Richardson