Thursday Evening Better Ball Information:


  • Cost is $20 for 9 holes w/cart
  • Players will establish a handicap after the first week of play
  • Handicaps are 80% of actual handicap
  • You play the entire field, not just the opponent you are paired with that week. Low score on the evening gets 20 points assuming their are 20 teams. 19 points if we have 19 teams. Second lowest score gets 1 less. Etc...
  • You must play the hole out until you have posted a Double Bogey with your handicap
  • Your team roster may have up to four members, but only two can play on any given night
  • $80 entry fee per team paid UP FRONT in CASH
  • Each team will pay $10 weekly for prize money (WHETHER YOU PLAY OR NOT) A team no show still pays $10.
  • $5 skins are optional but encouraged