Welcome to the 2023 2 Man (2 Day) Best Ball\Chapman\Scramble\Scotch tournament.  This is on of the favorites of the year.  Below you will find the rules and insturctions for the format of play.


Liberty Lake / MeadowWood Men’s Club Tournament Rules


2-Man, Best Ball/Chapman/Scramble/Scotch Ball


  • You must be a paid LL/MW Men’s Club member prior to teeing off in this tournament. All USGA Rules apply unless otherwise stated in these tournament rules.  Entry fee is $40 per player.  (Includes team skins each day)


  • Play from the white tees.  Any player who meets the LLMW MC "80-80" Rule may choose to play from the gold tees.  When scheduling your tee time, be sure to indicate if you want to play from the gold tees. 


  • The format of this tournament is as follows: Saturday:  Holes 1- 9 Best Ball; Holes 10-18 Chapman; Sunday:  Holes 1-9 "1-Man" Scramble; Holes 10-18 Scotch Ball.  Score only 1 team gross score per hole (this includes your best ball score as gross score only).  Teams exchange scorecards and keep the other team’s score.


  • 50% of the total team handicap will be subtracted from the total gross team score to determine net 18 hole score.  Payouts will be for gross and net for each flight.  Skins will be paid as team gross skins by flight, each day.


  • All balls will be played “down as they lie” except for the Scramble holes, where you may lift, clean and place the ball within 18 inches of its lie, same surface (6 inches on greens).


  • Best-Ball Format:  Each player plays their own ball.  The team score is the best score of the two.


  • Chapman Format:  Each player hits a drive on each hole.  Each player then plays the second shot using their partner’s drive as their playing ball. Then your team chooses the best of the second shots and uses only that ball to finish the hole alternating players each shot thereafter until the ball is in the cup.  Note: The third shot must be hit by the player who did not hit that ball as his second shot, and so forth.


  • Scotch Ball:  Prior to playing the 10th hole, each team will determine one player to drive on the even numbered holes and the other player to drive on the odd numbered holes.  The designated player will drive on his designated numbered hole with the other player hitting the second shot and alternating the rest of the hole until holed.  The process repeats for the next hole and so on.