Welcome to the FGLC Fall Ladies League 2023


Welcome all to Family Golf and Learning Center's 2023 Fall Ladies' League! The league runs from August 16th - October 4th, with a small awards day after the league has been completed. 



The league fee $18/week, which will be paid weekly before your round. Tee times can be chosen each week through the league's Golf Genius Portal. Golfers will also be required to confirm their attendance and select tee time for each week's round, also through the league's Golf Genius Portal. Rounds can be made up on other days of the week with notice to the league manager, but players must complete their makeup round with another member of the league.


Tee times will be between 8am-8:50am or 4:30pm-5:50pm each Wednesday


liam@familygolfonline.comAny Questions or Inquires can be directed towards League Manager, Liam Durbin,