Welcome to the 2023 Club Championship



2023 Club Championship

August 12-13


Tees by Divisions

Men's (BLUE TEE)
Senior Men's 55+ (WHITE TEE)
Super Senior Men's 70+ (YELLOW TEE)
Ladies (YELLOW TEE) 
Senior/Super Ladies (YELLOW TEE)  
    Junior Girls (YELLOW TEE)

 Junior Boys (WHITE TEE)


Pace Of Play

All groups are expected to play in a maximum of 4.5 hours. Failure to do so could result in the entire group being assessed a 2-stroke penalty. Please keep up with the groups in front of you.


General Rules

Play the ball as it lies through the course.

Bunkers - Stones can be removed from bunkers without penalty.

If a ball comes to rest on bark around trees, the player may take free relief of one club length.


Format of Play

36 hole stroke play championship.


Tie Breaks

For determining the overall champions, a sudden death playoff on hole #18 and continue until a winner has been determined.

Divisional Winners and Other Ties - will be settled using retrogression starting with Sunday's scores using best last 9, 6, 3, 1.



There will be flights within each division, flights are determined by the size of the field and handicaps.


Prize Presentations

Prize presentation following the completion of play on Sunday. The meal will follow play on Saturday.


Penalty Areas / Out of Bounds

Out of Bounds- Defined by white stakes or white lines- Left of #5, Left of #9, Right #17, Right #18

Penalty areas - Defined by red stakes/paint.  Drop zones on #10, and #15.


Ground under repair

Defined by white paint or blue stakes. One club length free relief from the nearest point. 


On Course Games

Closest to the Hole Both Days

Longest Drive Both Days

$20 rang game for both days to be paid prior to round 1.