Player Roster

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Last Name First Name Handle H.I.
Adams Mark Adams, Mark 7.7
Alvarez Rene' Alvarez, Rene' 6.8
Anderson Michael R Anderson, Michael R 16.7
Arnold WILLIAM Arnold, WILLIAM 6.4
Bailey Ryan Bailey, Ryan 1.1
Barnes Nicholas Barnes, Nicholas 12.2
Baxter Adam Baxter, Adam 0.5
Bender Eric Bender, Eric 10.0
Berberich Greg Berberich, Greg 5.6
Bickford Dennis Bickford, Dennis 25.9
Blanche Paul Blanche, Paul 0.4
Botero Juan Botero, Juan 14.3
Boyles Rick Boyles, Rick 3.6
Brown Jakob Brown, Jakob 9.5
Bryan Mitch Bryan, Mitch 12.3
Burnham Craig Burnham, Craig 5.4
Darosa Daniel Darosa, Daniel 4.1
Day Dustin Day, Dustin 4.2
Dellinger Michael Dellinger, Michael 22.4
Desalernos Matt Desalernos, Matt 7.0
Dolejsi Marcus Dolejsi, Marcus 1.4
Doughty James Doughty, James 20.0
Droege Michael Droege, Michael 11.5
Ellis Josh Ellis, Josh 10.6
Fisher Alan Fisher, Alan 11.2
Furstenberg Larry Furstenberg, Larry 2.9
Gardner Michael Gardner, Michael 11.3
Gatewood Susan Gatewood, Susan 16.8
Goble Ross Goble, Ross 16.7
Hakes Peter Hakes, Peter 5.4
Han Jung Han, Jung 4.0
Hanson Glen Hanson, Glen 13.3
Hollier Elaine Hollier, Elaine 18.3
Hollister Kelly Hollister , Kelly 6.0
Houghton Michael Houghton, Michael 10.4
Hunter Daryl Hunter, Daryl 13.0
Jessal Joe Jessal, Joe 9.2
Johnson Connie Johnson, Connie 13.5
Keber Ken Keber, Ken 25.1
Lantto Scott Lantto, Scott 10.4
Lesslie Rick Lesslie, Rick 0.6
Magee Greg Magee, Greg 18.2
Mahlatini Stan Mahlatini, Stan 12.1
Maulden Troy Maulden, Troy 15.8
McMahan Mark McMahan, Mark 5.6
McVey Dean McVey, Dean 12.7
Miller JORDAN Miller, JORDAN +1.5
Miller Trey Miller, Trey 8.2
Molinaro Briano Molinaro, Briano 0.5
Morin Christopher Morin, Christopher 2.6
Murdoch Gary Murdoch, Gary 4.8
Oldenkamp Michael Oldenkamp, Michael 1.0
Orley Joseph Orley, Joseph 7.7
Perry Ronald Perry, Ronald 19.2
Pletnikoff Aaron Pletnikoff, Aaron 11.0
Prince Devery Prince, Devery 15.6
Provo Michael Provo, Michael 4.7
Reekie Ray Reekie, Ray 12.4
Rehder Charlie Rehder, Charlie 12.7
Rickel Doug Rickel, Doug 5.2
Roth Aaron Roth, Aaron 1.2
Ruf Tim Ruf, Tim 3.4
Rummel Connie Rummel, Connie 14.6
Sanders Greg Sanders, Greg +2.2
Savage Craig Savage, Craig 23.6
Schmitz John Schmitz, John 5.3
Schneiter Mark Schneiter, Mark 8.2
Schutt Larry Schutt, Larry 28.3
Sikorski Scott Sikorski, Scott 4.5
Sinz Jeffrey Sinz, Jeffrey 11.2
Smith Shelley Smith, Shelley 15.9
Sumulong Benjamin Sumulong, Benjamin 5.4
Sweeney Kevin Sweeney, Kevin 6.8
Swisher Halcyon Swisher, Halcyon 7.1
Teders Richard Teders, Richard 1.8
Thibault Robert Thibault, Robert 14.2
Toney Bill Toney, Bill 7.6
Trimmer Darci Trimmer, Darci 8.6
Turi Lucas Turi, Lucas 16.5
Verrall Bert Verrall, Bert 9.9
Warren Kirk Warren, Kirk 7.9
Waugaman Jim Waugaman, Jim 10.9
Waugaman Linda Waugaman, Linda 17.4
Weigle Harry Weigle, Harry 7.8
Wood Kristopher Wood, Kristopher 3.9
Woodland Scott Woodland, Scott 6.3
Woodland Will Woodland, Will 5.6
Yim Shawn Yim, Shawn +3.1
Young Tyler Young, Tyler 0.4