Are you new to Golf Genius or want to learn more? Learn how to run leagues and events in one of our introductory training sessions.

We also offer advanced sessions geared towards private clubs, event registrations, and advanced tournament setups. Watch this page for more info!

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Golf Genius Training 101


Golf Genius Training 101 is designed for new customers or staff that is not familiar with Golf Genius. The training webinar will cover basic default settings in the customer center to the workflow of creating an event. The workflow will include how players are entered into Golf Genius, creating pairings, score tournaments, leaderboard displays, the portal, and printed materials. 


This training webinar will help you understand the basic functions of Golf Genius and get you on your way to creating tournaments, events and leagues.

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USGA TM Premium Features

** Recommended that the attendee has attended the Initial training and has a basic understanding of the software


This webinar focuses on the premium features available on USGA TM Premium. Topics will include mobile scoring with the mobile app, creating online registration, customizing your event portal, branding, creating trips and more.

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Ryder Cup

This webinar will cover setup and best practices for a Ryder Cup sytle event.

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Scorecard Composer

The Scorecard Composer webinar will walk through the steps of creating scorecards within Scorecard Composer.  This webinar will cover the basics of scorecard setup as well as showcasing best practices when creating scorecards.