Individual Match Play Rules

To register or access the brackets, log into our new GolfGenius site. The winner of each match is responsible for promptly reporting match results one of three ways:

  1. Complete your match using Golf Genius digital scorecard (if handicaps are current - ask pro shop to refresh online if needed)
  2. Return your scorecard with winner clearly marked to the pro shop
  3. Email match results to
If you require any other assistance, contact

There are three formats for individual match play competition: the Club Championship, Cup Matches and Senior Cup Matches. The Club Championship and Cup Matches are open to all members (and members can register for either or both). Members who are at least 50 years old as of January 1st are also eligible for Senior Cup Matches.

Please contact your opponents ASAP and play your matches by the posted deadlines! If extenuating circumstances require a request for an extension or your opponent does not respond to phone calls or emails, it is your responsibility to inform the Tournament Directors, Willl Barrett and Bob Cohn. The Tournament Directors can (1) grant an extension (2) award a match to the opponent (3) disqualify both players if neither has communicated with him and/or attempted to schedule a match. Matches should not be played during club Majors.

Any local rules in effect due to COVID-19 on the day of your match will apply (such as not touching flagsticks, ability to improve a lie in a bunker without a rake, etc.).

Club Championship Matches

Matches are played from the black tees with no adjustment for handicaps (scratch). Anyone can enter the Club Championship. If more than 32 members register, the lowest handicap players will make the field. Payments will be collected for Club Championship after the field is finalized.

2021 deadlines for each round:

Round-1 - June 13
Sweet 16 - July 11
Great Eight - August 8
Fourth Four - September 6
Championship Match - September 26

Cup Matches (all members) and Senior Cup Matches (age 50+)

In the past, we've had six flights for Cup Matches and four flights for Senior Cup with 16 competitors in each. Cup matches in flights 1-4 and Senior Cup matches in flights 1-3 are played from the blue tees. Cup matches in flights 5 and 6 and Senior Cup matches in flight 4 (and 5 if applicable) are played from the white tees, however competitors (both or either) can agree to move back to the blue tees.

Matches are played at full handicap. The member will the lowest course handicap shall play at scratch and the higher handicap player shall receive strokes based on their course handicap differential and hole rankings on the scorecard.

2021 deadlines for each round:

Round-1 - June 20
Great Eight - July 25
Final Four - August 29
Championship Match - September 26

The winner of each match is responsible for notifying the pro shop to update the brackets. If you note any issues with the brackets, report results to