Individual Match Play Rules

The winner of each match is responsible for promptly reporting match results:

  1. Complete the Match Play Form in the pro shop
  2. If you forget, email match results to
If you require any other assistance, contact

There are three formats for individual match play competition: the Club Championship, Cup Matches and Senior Cup Matches. The Club Championship and Cup Matches are open to all members (and members can register for either or both). Members who are at least 50 years old as of January 1st are also eligible for Senior Cup Matches.

Please contact your opponents ASAP and play your matches by the posted deadlines! All match deadlines must be met. If a deadline will be missed and one team has done everything possible to schedule a match while the other team has done very little, provide documentation such as emails and texts for review by Bob Cohn. He will then make a determination. If a deadline passes without hearing from either team, both teams will be automatically disqualified - NO EXCEPTIONS. No extensions will be approved this year and matches may not be played during Majors. Schedule your matches early!

Club Championship Matches

Matches are played at scratch from the black tees. Anyone can enter the Club Championship. If more than 32 members register, the lowest handicap players will make the field. Payments will be collected for Club Championship after the field is finalized.

2024 deadlines for each round:

Round 1 - May 27
Sweet 16 - June 30
Great Eight - July 28
Fourth Four - August 25
Championship Match - To be held on September 29

Cup Matches (all members) and Senior Cup Matches (age 50+)

In the past, we've had five flights for Cup Matches and three flights for Senior Cup with 16 competitors in each. Members should play from their assigned tee box for the season (Blue if not approved to play White or Gold).

Matches are played at full handicap. The member will the lowest course handicap shall play at scratch and the higher handicap player shall receive strokes based on their course handicap differential and hole rankings on the scorecard.

2024 deadlines for each round:

Round 1 - June 9
Great Eight - July 21
Final Four - August 25
Championship Match - To be held on September 29

The winner of each match is responsible for notifying the pro shop to update the brackets. If you note any issues with the brackets, report results to